New Condos Serve an Untapped Market

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By Jessica Soule / The Citizen

An Auburn businessman has embarked on a multimillion dollar project that combines his passion for old structures and quality architecture with his love for his city. The nearly 30 people who have voiced interest in the estimated $4.9 million planned condominium project proves Matteo Bartolotta isn’t alone.

Pending a vote from the Auburn City Council next Thursday, Bartolotta will turn the former Wegman Piano Factory into 35 higher-end housing units.

Of the 27 people who showed interest in the complex, Bartolotta said half are from Auburn and Cayuga County. Some are from surrounding areas such as Skaneateles, Syracuse and Rochester.

The owner of Bartolotta Furniture Co. heard from 18 people almost immediately when his ideas to renovate the old brick building into a residential complex began to circulate this fall. Those interested consist of a mixed group, from young professionals to empty nesters or mature professionals, and people ready to retire, Bartolotta said. Also, some former residents see this as an opportunity to come back to the region, he added.

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